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President's Message for May 2009

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I wanted nothing to do with fishing for many years when my son Isaac was small. Unfortunately I simply did not have the patience required to take a motor-driven, hyperactive, six year old fishing. The good news is that Cheryl, my wife, did, and she took Isaac and his brother Joshua fishing when they were young.

I started fly fishing by accident. When Isaac was about 8, he and I went camping together in Lassen National Park, just the two of us. To be honest I had struggled to connect with Isaac when he was young. Camping was something we both loved to do so I thought it would be a good way to spend some time with just him. Isaac badly wanted to fish on the trip so we took along his rod and his tackle box. By chance we met another father and son that were also on a trip together and were fishing. Greg was the father's name and he suggested we fish King's Creek for brookies. Isaac and I went there and he was able to catch several small fish on salmon eggs. To say that he was happy does not even begin to capture the smile and excitement of that moment. It was also one of the best moments of my life as a father.

Later that afternoon we ran into Greg and his son fishing the upper part of the creek. Greg was fly fishing the creek and Isaac and I were both fascinated. After the trip I told Cheryl that I thought fly fishing might be a common activity that Isaac and I could enjoy together which would help to build our relationship. That is what led me to pick up a fly rod. What I didn't realize is how captivated I would become and how much a part of our family life fishing would become as a result.

When Joshua was old enough, he joined Isaac and me and started chasing fish with a fly rod as well. Now, a dozen years later I am proud to say how close Isaac and I are. As a family we have fished and camped our way across the western US and in the process have spent countless hours together.

Numerous organizations including Trout Unlimited encourage us to take a child fishing because fishing can introduce a young person to the natural world and help create the next generation of stewards. Some would argue that the simple experience of fishing can have a profound impact on life. Take a kid fishing. You may find that like me, the person most changed by the experience is yourself.


Tight Lines


Kevin Mather


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