Sac-Sierra Trout Unlimited

SSTU Board of Directors

NameTitleEmail address
Bill Templin President
Vacant Vice-President  
Vacant Secretary  
JJ Plank Treasurer

Conservation Chair

Harold Heigho Membership
Gregg Bates Director
Thomas Barnes Director  
Reese Olander Fundraising
Dustin Rocksvold Webmaster
Bud Cronenwett Youth Education  

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Thank you for your interest in Sac-Sierra Trout Unlimited.

President Dustin Rocksvold
Vice-President Vacant
Secretary Kevin Mather
Treasurer Dan Brosier
Conservation Vacant
Webmaster Dustin Rocksvold
Board Member Bill Templin
Fundraising Reese Olander
Board Member Bud Cronenwett
Board Member Gregg Bates

Our chapter mailing address:
Sac-Sierra Trout Unlimited
4005 Manzanita Avenue, Suite 6
Carmichael, CA 95608

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