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Willow Creek Work Day - Aug 22, 2009

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There were five of us including Don and myself. Ian and Niel Moyer joined us, as did Wendy Lloyd . We met Wendy and her husband when we went to Sugar Pine Reservoir with Bill Templin for the clean up on the 15th. She and her husband live here in Folsom; he's a member of Granite Bay Flycasters and she's not a member. She enjoys doing the type of work we have at Willow Creek, so I invited her to join us.

We bagged 16 and ½ bags of Himalaya blackberry cuttings. This is from all along the gravel path by the storm drain on Prewett, plus we've now cleaned all the invasive plants from the storm drain area. We still need to go into the creek and cut back water primrose and H. blackberry, plus reeds that the otter digs up and it floats all over.


We saw a nice sized bass there yesterday, as well as a blue gill on the 8th. They like that area for some reason. We also still need to go down in the creek by the bridge.

A good thing that comes from us regularly doing work there is getting to know the residents that ride and walk the trails in the early morning. Everyone asks what we are doing, who we represent and thank us for our volunteer work. The small banner attracts everyone's eye and they compliment us on it; we attach it to the bumper of the Subaru in plain sight. I also talked with the teacher we met on June 20th. She's become a member of our Chapter and will come out on September 26th to work with us.


Nancy Krueger

Project Leader


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