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Placerville Library Display

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Last year Joe and I put together a month-long display at the Cameron Park Library for Hangtown Fly Fishers on the history, equipment and adventures of fly fishing. The display was so well received it was given special recognition by the El Dorado County Library system. As a result, Hangtown Fly Fishers was asked this past summer to repeat the display at the Placerville Library in December. Hangtown Fly Fishers is not going to do the display and the library would like to have the Sac-Sierra Chapter prepare a display on coldwater fisheries conservation.

I need your input as to the type of material we should include, and what you may have to lend to the display that would be unique. The library specifies this is to be an educational display (not an advertisement for an organization, but the organization can be subtly referenced in the display), and we can have Chapter brochures and TU membership applications on the checkout counter. I am willing to coordinate the display since Kevin is taking over some of the responsibilities I now have, but we need material that will fit the display cases -- I need your help!

The display cases in Placerville are more restrictive (considerably different in size and format) from the ones in Cameron Park and little of the material used in that display will fit (or is appropriate for) the Placerville display.

One wall display area is available. It is 46" tall by 93" wide but only 5" deep, and has three adjustable shelves on one-half of the display area (providing a maximum of 4 "shelves" (using the floor of the display) on that half on which we can place small items. I'm thinking of placing a poster on the half without shelves (possibly DFG's poster re native fish), and a taxidermied fish or two borrowed from Off The Hook Fly Shop to place on the floor of the display below the poster.

Three low, glass covered display tables are also available. One is 27" x 57" with the glass about 8" above the display bottom. The other two are 33" x 33", also with the glass about 8" above the display bottom. We have a really eye-catching USFS poster "Fish Watch" that will fit in one of the small tables and we can put river rock and maybe some vials of aquatic insects in that one.

What do we do with the shelf area of the wall display and the other two tables? Is anyone aware of a 3-dimensional watershed display that would fit inside the largest table?

Because it will be in December, I have one or two Christmas cards that show winter fishing scenes. Do you have some suggestions for a display title we can use that suggests protecting the resource is a gift we give to ourselves/future generations/mother nature/???? Any other ideas for incorporating the holiday theme into the display?

Since December is fast appoaching and it takes a while to produce a nice looking display, please give me your suggestions no later than November 15th, 2008:

• what you think we should include,

• do you have or know of anything we can borrow for the display,

• what can we use for a title that may incorporate a holiday touch.

Thanks in advance for your help on this.


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